Luciana Se

Luciana Se

Business Development & Partnerships, REWIND

Learner, maker, systems thinker, innovator and tech evangelist, Luciana splits her time between growing the Realities Centre London — a new innovation space, incubator and academy for B2B/enterprise VR, AR, MR and AI — and Unfold UK, promoting women/diversity in future in the UK. Passionate about VR and tech for good, she carries ongoing research on the possibilities and challenges immersive tech presents as re neuroscience, empathy and female empowerment.

With a combined 5+ years’ experience in award-winning startups such as Racefully, UniPlaces, -- on both the technical and creative side -- she is driven by big ideas, a global mindset & empowering tech entrepreneurs, especially next generation #ladyhackers. She is an ambassador and mentor for Code First Girls, Business Rocks and 3Structured Women in Leadership, and also co-leads the VRAR Tech London Advocates group, as well as monthly Series Q and VR Manchester meet-ups. 

She was elected one of Code First Girls ‘25 Ones to Watch’, 'Top 5 Female Role Models in the Tech Industry', and Virtual Perceptions' 'Heroes of VR' in 2016, and regularly speaks about her journey and current work at secondary schools, conferences & companies, highlights include VRAR World, WOW Talks, Geek Girls UK and CFG Annual Conferences, WATC Women in Tech, Hult MBA Alumni, Bloomberg Breakfast Brief and Fintech Security Summit. She has also hosted and continues to host webinars on neuroVR and women in tech with BrightTALK and BeMyApp.

Luciana has lived in Brazil, Portugal, England and the US and has a MA & BA Law degree from Cambridge, Leadership and Systems Thinking certificates from Harvard Extension School, and an MA (Distinction) in International Business from Hult Business School. She has recently launched a solo venture SE3 Solutions -- currently in stealth mode -- seeking to accelerate new and emerging tech’s voice in the e-health/digital education space.