Sami	Hamid

Sami Hamid

Lab Director, VR First

Sami has been in the virtual reality industry since early 2015 producing both small and large scale projects using early hardware development kits while creating and managing a VR production team consisting of developers, designers and 3D artists. Apart from co-founding Glitch Studios, Sami is also the Virtual Reality Lab Director for VR1, a Crytek led incubation initiative mentoring grass root VR projects & teams to learn and experiment with this emerging technology. He is also a VR Evangelist organising and attending VR community events and conferences around Europe and Turkey. Sami is a gamer at heart, having spent much of his youth immersed in video games of all genres. He is a self-taught programmer and enjoys developing indie VR projects in his spare time. He believes video game mechanics and game architecture are fundamental building blocks in the creation of compelling and unique virtual reality experiences.