Brian	Waterfield

Brian Waterfield

Virtual Reality & High-end Visualisation Technical Lead, Jaguar Land Rover

I have always had a passion for technology, from early days playing with anything that buzzed, rang or made you jump;  so you would thing I would move from school into technology of some sort, but no I became a carpenter /  joiner, and my early years were spent building things.

When I join Jaguar Landrover I started as a pattern marker, using my carpentry skills to help create the concepts of the future, but what really caught my eye were inspection machines, computers, and the 3D space. My childhood fascinations had awoken and then there was no stopping me; first Inspection, then design, onto packaging, then designing physical properties in CAD, but still developing them in the physical world.

This process gave me great insight into ergonomics both physical and virtual; so adding this to my developing skill set, I introduce virtual reality into JLR, and 2007 I commissioned one of the world’s leading virtual environments the VRCAVE. I also added to the complexity of the task by returning to university and completing a MSc in virtual reality and gaming technology; this gave me the tools to evolve the VRcentre into the Virtual innovation centre that is operating today, supporting the vehicle development process. Today you will find me in Research, developing the virtual techniques for the future of JLR, whilst also overseeing the next great state of the art centre of excellence the Nation automotive innovation centre which will open in 2018.