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Inception VR
Established in 2000, Bloc Digital is an award-winning company specialising in the creation and re-use of digital information.  We are split into four complementary disciplines of modelling, animation, development and web.  As a leader in immersive technology, we are already producing innovative digital solutions (AR, VR, web and mobile) for many companies globally and constantly evaluating new hardware and software as well as pioneering new development techniques.  Because of our position at the forefront of various technologies, we are partnered with several high-tech blue-chip companies providing ongoing research and development services and consultancy.  Our ‘can do’ mindset and ‘create once, use many’ philosophy enables us to deliver cutting-edge, high quality solutions for the most complex of requirements whilst meeting cost and timescales.  Our continued commitment to cost, quality, understanding, developing, presenting and re-utilising customer information is what sets us apart from the competition.